Find a Roommate Fast with These Quick Tips

Even if the idea of living with someone doesn’t quiet thrill you to the core, you pretty much need to get used to the idea in a city like New York. Well, you don’t “have” to find a roommate if you’re fortunate enough to find a vacant studio apartment. But these tend to be snatched up way before the previous occupant even has his or her last box out the front door. So the chance of you being in the right place and the right time is slim. And if you’re more up to trying to find a one or two-bedroom apartment, you’ll need to be making a killer salary to find a place like that in New York City.

Apartments are expensive in NYC. So, the majority of people find the only way they can afford a bigger living space in a safe building and good area is to get a roommate. Before you start cringing and close the screen, think about it: it’s not all that bad. A lot of people in the city work more than one job or really long hours at one, so you’re probably not going to be sitting around with a stranger 24/7. More than likely, the two of you will simply pass each other in the hallway.

So you’re coming to terms with having to have a roommate, but now you need to actually find one. Here are a few ways to find a roommate fast.

Find a Roommate on Bulletin Boards

Some bigger websites offer bulletin boards or even categorized listings from people who are seeking roommates. All you have to do is browse the listings and if one looks worthwhile, get in touch with the poster.

Turn to Social Media

These days, finding information about potential roommates and available apartments is merely a few clicks away. Depending on where you are planning on moving to, you can find a message board or online group of social outlets like Facebook, where you can find the information you need, or people looking for the same sort of living arrangements as you.

Even if you don’t find the right match through a social media platform right away, keep using your account to search by posting your requirements on your personal newsfeeds. Chances are a friend or family member may well know of someone looking to make a move.

Special Interest Roommate Finder Websites

Beyond the larger, more generic websites, there are online sites like CityRoommates where you can find a roommate with particular interests or affiliations. Best of all, you can “meet” potential roommates online or through our Speed Roommate process where you can talk to several roommates to try and find your perfect match, and preferably one who has similar interests as you – it just makes living together that much easier. So before you even go and check out an apartment, you can decide if the person sounds like the type you’d like to share your living space with, or not.

Bonus Tips for the Best Experience

No matter how you try to find a roommate, and which avenue you decide to pursue, always keep your eyes open for creeps and scams. It’s a good idea to test the waters by signing up with a reputable site, first, and keeping in mind that if it sounds too good to be true, it more than likely is. And it’s okay to walk away if you feel uncomfortable. A couple more tips to keep in mind during your search:

  • When you get in touch with someone from a website, and they sound like a match, remember to include an email address and phone number so you can start communicating outside of the site’s restrictions.
  • Print out all the listings you’re interested in and have all the information on hand so you can take notes – an important element when looking at several places simultaneously and meeting a range of different people. Besides, how else are you meant to remember which apartment had that tiny kitchen and the potential roommate had serious B.O issues?
  • Just as when you’re looking for a job, get in touch with a range of people at the same time as many of them probably won’t get back to you, and you’ll find you don’t have as many options as you originally thought.
  • Always look around with caution. While many of the larger sites claim to filter their users, you can never be too sure.

Register with us today and you can be sure of reputable, legitimate people who are also trying to find a roommate.

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