4 Craziest Roommate Needed Listings

In a city where many people simply cannot afford to live alone, moving in with people you don’t particularly know can be a necessity. Unless of course you have a friend of a friend also on the hunt for a roommate needed. There’s certainly a healthy population of entirely normal people out there looking for a roommate. And even some of the best friendships come from such living situations.

Roommates can come and go, though, and larger public sites like Craigslist has made the search somewhat easier, but also welcomed a lot of rather odd people into the mix. So sifting through all those ads for the perfect match can be a headache.

2015’s Funniest Craigslist Add For a Roommate Needed

Take Lauren Fahey. In order to stand out from that bottomless pool of potential bunk buddies, she come up with a great graphic for her posting, in the hopes of finding the perfect home. The graphic features some quotes from previous roommates on top of a hilarious picture of a random naked guy lurking around in the background. This approach actually worked for Lauren and she quickly found an apartment.

Then There’s Matt

Matt from Winnipeg’s ad went viral on kijiji when he posted his roommate needed ad. In the ad, Matt claimed he was really considering just paying the rest of the rent himself and living alone. He claimed he’d take the extra room and turn it into a gym room to build confidence and burn calories.

Matt told readers that he is “so easygoing it’s ridiculous” and that he was just too lazy to want to move again. To simplify things, he stated that no axe murderers, creepy eyebrows, mimes, buskers, anyone on the sex-offender registry or gang members would be considered. He also requested that nobody steal his Playstation. He suggested interested applicants send a link to their Facebook page so he could prequalify them by stalking their profile before responding.

Bob Barker

Bob placed a post citing a washer/dryer in the basement and a vegetable garden as the best reasons to move into his place. Bob’s post stated that the roommate needed could look forward to a room plus closet and shared bathroom. As for the place, “it’s a whole house” the post stated and there is a large backyard with vegetable garden, the washer/dryer combo and extra storage space around the house. Apparently the 5 roommates already living there enjoy doing a lot of projects and hobbies together and have put “a lot of communal effort” into their living situation. They’re not a party house, he claimed, but admitted in the post that the space it entirely outside the normal range of New York experiences and that they try to get together as much as possible for backyard concerts, get-togethers and the like.

Fancy Living with a Psycho Ninja Voltron?

Mitchell Wright placed an OTT ad for a housemate in an effort to find the right kind of roommate needed. The Gumtree ad was laden with expletives. Mitchell claims he wasn’t happy with the potential roommates who had already showed up so he decided to go a little crazy.

According to the ad, Mitch is a 27 year old “level 3 Ninja warrior with sweet invisibility skills.” There’s also 32 year old Benny who is made of 5 robotic lions and has worked on TV as Voltron; and 21 year old “major psycho” Grace.

As for the kind of roommate needed, Mitch was looking for one with “dragon fighting capabilities and sweet guitar skills as well as a high tolerance to beer attacks. Batman would be his ideal, apparently. The entire ad can be viewed.

Some Of The Candor We’ve Seen This Past Year

Here’s a round-up of some of the most honest ads:

  • Roommate needed for low-maintenance home in fairly stabby-free neighborhood, walking distance of 5 bars and just 3 blocks from a hospital in case of a cardiac emergency.
  • Only one bathroom but “in a pinch” a nice laundry sink down in the basement.
  • If you’re lazy, there’s no grass in the front or back yard to mow, but if there was you can hire the neighborhood kid who rids a BMX bike and stutters.
  • The bathroom sink can be found right in front of the toilet so in a gastro emergency, roommates can expel in both directions.
  • Updated pics: one of is of the big red couch and the other of my 2 former dogs. Both dogs and couch are buried now but I miss them, so they made it in the photos. I haven’t posted pics of the backyard or basement as my photographers says they’re a “hot mess.”

Need a Roommate?

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